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Real Heart is about celebrating the many ways in which Ontario REALTORS® go above and beyond to give back to their communities. By telling REALTOR® stories, we aim to inspire others to do the same.

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Realtor® Spotlight

  • Williams & Follows

    The REALTOR® team at Williams & Follows saw a need during the pandemic to connect with the people in their community and promote local businesses and the arts.

  • Amber Leis

    REALTOR® Amber Leis wanted to help promote the local businesses in her community during the pandemic.

  • Dominique McIntyre

    REALTOR® Dominique McIntyre wanted to give back to her community while honouring her grandmother who recently passed in a nursing home during the pandemic.

  • Wanda Latuszak

    REALTOR® Wanda Latuszak understood the logistics and safety issues facing seniors who needed groceries during the pandemic.

  • Alexandra Cote

    REALTOR® Alexandra Cote is the Vice-Chair of Parkdale Community Food Bank in Toronto.

  • A new REALTOR® spotlight coming soon.

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