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REALTOR® Stories with Real Heart.

Real Heart is about celebrating the many ways in which Ontario REALTORS® go above and beyond to give back to their communities. By telling REALTOR® stories, we aim to inspire others to do the same.

Michelle Leong Francis

New video coming December 1st

From founding the Henry Alexander House, a safe space for youth, to creating L.E.O.N., a program that helps youth find gainful employment in the trades, Michelle, with the help of her team, has been a transformative leader in her community.

This is Michelle’s Real Heart story.

Darrin Bartels

New video coming December 8th

Darrin Bartels wanted to give back to the community that had given him so much, so when he heard there was a need for food delivery drivers to help support his local restaurants, he knew he had to get involved.

This is Darrin’s Real Heart story.

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Realtor® Spotlight

  • Williams & Follows

    The REALTOR® team at Williams & Follows saw a need during the pandemic to connect with the people in their community and to promote local businesses and the arts. Using Facebook, they created a community group that has grown to over 9,000 members. The group is a safe space for people to connect, engage in positive discussion and learn about the businesses and artists in their community.

  • Eric McCartney

    REALTOR® Eric McCartney has gone above and beyond during the pandemic to help his community. Eric has done everything from assisting his neighbours, to providing help at vaccination clinics, to purchasing commemorative benches in memory of the people we lost to COVID-19 and the dedicated healthcare workers who held their hands. Eric's contributions have supported his community in a time of need, and he was named Aurora's 2021 Citizen of the Year as a result.

  • Sean O’Hearn

    REALTOR® Sean O'Hearn has seen the benefits first-hand of belonging to the Sea Cadets, a free youth-based program for 12 to 18 year olds who learn to sail, work as a team, work in the community, travel and meet new friends. That's why Sean is a member of The Navy League of Canada, the organization that sponsors the Sea Cadets program. Sean is excited to help children discover the joys of sport and team work.

  • Amber Leis

    REALTOR® Amber Leis wanted to help promote the local businesses in her community during the pandemic. Amber reached out to 19 local businesses and throughout the month, raffled 19 prizes to her community through social media. The initiative brought her community closer and helped bring awareness of the struggles faced by businesses during the pandemic.

  • Dominique McIntyre

    REALTOR® Dominique McIntyre wanted to give back to her community while honouring her grandmother who recently passed away in a nursing home during the pandemic. She knew how isolating and upsetting it can be for residents of long-term care homes during this time. In collaboration with Dahlia May Farms, she sponsored a flower delivery initiative to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to every resident of Crown Ridge long-term care home in Trenton.

  • Wanda Latuszak

    REALTOR® Wanda Latuszak understood the logistics and safety issues facing seniors who needed groceries during the pandemic. Wanda took the initiative to volunteer and do regular grocery pick-ups for seniors in her community.

  • Suzanne Othmer

    Suzanne Othmer and Royal LePage Best Choice Realty rallied together to purchase a vaccine fridge for their local nursing home. The fridge has helped the healthcare staff safely store and handle its vital vaccine supply during the pandemic.

  • Alexandra Cote

    REALTOR® Alexandra Cote is the Vice-Chair of Parkdale Community Food Bank in Toronto. Alexandra is proud of the work the organization has done during the pandemic to ensure the community has had access to food.

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